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Letter to the Editor: Unhappy with Oswego & Groot

Almost 25 years of living in this “lovely town”, a past member of the Chamber, a past Park Board Member, a past Optimist Club Member, continued multiple business owner in town, owned two homes in Oswego, etc. I can tell you that I finally have had it.

Oddly it was a rather small thing that pushed me over the edge, but the Village “Taj Majal” and their idiocy cemented it for me today. If you are still reading, please allow me to explain.:

The firm that they hired and re-hired to pick up the trash in the town, GROOT, evidently decided after the Thanksgiving weekend, NOT to run their standard route on Monday in Deerpath. Granted we received about 4.5″ of snow and evidently that could have been a factor. I guess it is WINTER and could be an excuse. Either way, the neighborhood trash sat out all night. Still not a big deal at all. We had a bit more trash than normal from the holiday, but we also had 6 cardboard boxes out there, neatly arranged around the can and bags. The largest of which was a Honda lawn mower box that my wife could lay down in at all of her 5 feet tall. The smallest is shoebox size. Today, Tuesday, a full day after normal pickup (again, no biggie) recycling was picked up early and after lunch, the rest was attacked. EXCEPT for 3 small boxes, all of which are literally empty. NOTE: The coffin sized Honda lawnmower box was picked up by the “generous” folks at GROOT. Shocked to find the 3 small boxes (none of which could hold a Thanksgiving turkey) still lying in the snow when they had to actually look down at them as they picked up the lawnmower box, we called the “ever helpful” Taj Majal or our Village Hall starting at 3:40….. Pressing “0” for the Operator and getting nobody for 7 calls in 17 minutes. Called GROOT, you know, the folks that charge us for garbage pickup and like $67 for stickers for leaf bags…. They said… “We can come back out for $35 and you will have to pay that when we get there” BULL****! So, they are telling me that they can do SOME of their pickup, but not ALL of their pickup unless we pay more?! Since I had a better chance of seeing Jesus, I drove to the Mecca on The Hill ( The Village Hall ). I mean they are supposed to be open and I guess, answering the damn phone until 5pm like their website says. Upon arrival, yet again, I couldn’t help but snicker once again at the giant empty hall, the baby grand piano (for what reason??) and proceeded to the second window. I explained my issue after having to ring the damn bell on the desk, even though several employees were huddled at one cubical chatting. I asked who answers the phone when you hit “0” for the operator? and she said… “We all do”. Yeah, right! After 10 minutes of back and forth, her suggestion was for me to break down the boxes and stuff them in my recyclable container. Keeping in mind two things. #1 Recycling is NOT mandatory even though we do it and #2 Breaking down the boxes is NOT a requirement listed on the Village website, NOR in the GROOT flier she handed me. So, my “fix” per KATHY (she literally refused to give me her last name because she said she NEVER gives out her last name but said she is the only KATHY there)  is to break down the stuff GROOT refused to take, the SMALL stuff, keep it for another week and jam it into my recycle box. Or, I could wait in the echo chamber halls of the Great Village for Mr. Dan DiSanto for 30 minutes or so for his explanation. Keeping fully in mind that these folks are the ones that made the decision to hire GROOT. While not the biggest deal, I know, it really just shows that the Village doesn’t give a rat’s rip to help or even answer their damn phones for 17 minutes of constant calling. I am just sick of it. Really sick of it. Thanks for reading, if you haven’t nodded off by now. If you don’t mind, I have to go out and pick up 3 boxes that have been pissed on by every dog in the neighborhood for the past 3 days and put them back in the garage for another week. Yea Oswego!

-Mike Tait

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