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Oswego Fire Dept Launches River Island Marking Signs

The Oswego Fire Protection District has launched a new safety program designed to enhance the safety of patrons that utilize the Fox River recreationally. The new island marking program is designed to help identify a person’s location along the Fox River if an emergency arises.

The islands will be marked with a red sign with white lettering. The lettering will consist of a number and a single letter that will indicate north or south. The islands designated will be marked at the north end of the Oswego Fire Protection District all the way to the sou end of the District with the Washington St. bridge being the break from north to south. The markings will start at the Route 30 bypass bridge and ending near Hide Away Campground. This marking system will allow a person in distress to call 911 and give a marker noting the location of the emergency in the river. These locations will be pre-programmed into the computer aided dispatch system to they can be responded to with proper resources and manpower for a given water emergency. This will greatly increase the abilities to respond and ensure a positive outcome to the emergency.

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people will find themselves enjoying all the wonders of the Fox River and nature has to offer. Recreational boating traffic has increased over the past few years and an increase in use of the river for recreational actives has been observed.  Whether you’re paddle-boarding, canoeing, kayaking or fishing, the river is a great source of recreational entertainment, yet can be deadly.


The Oswego Fire Protection District is working to help maintain safe waterways within the District and wants to make sure everyone has a safe river experience.


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