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“Charity Blooms” Harvests Natural Produce for Local Food Pantry

Beginning in the winter of 2016, Charity Blooms began as a nonprofit organization “to unite groups throughout the city under a common cause.” said founder Rob Vaughan.
Charity Blooms, with the help of volunteers, grows and harvests produce locally to donate to local food pantries.
The first year they were able to donate 600 lbs of fresh produce to Interfaith Food Pantry harvested from land donated by the Fox valley Park District.
This summer they partnered with The Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry in Aurora on Highland Ave to work the land directly across the street from the Pantry. 100% of the yield goes to Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry. The volunteer staff consists of Robert Vaughan, and three others who spread their spare time to work on this project.

Charity Blooms grows 40 varieties of vegetables including herbs, egg plants, wax beans, potatoes, and various types of squash. They try to grow produce which is not as often donated or available to the food pantry.

Within the last three months there have already been over 100 volunteers, and plan to donate more than 1,000 lbs of produce within the year.
Groups are encouraged to sign up to help work the half acre sized plot.
Vaughan said currently they work with “children’s groups, adults with disabilities, people who need community service hours, or anyone who likes to garden!”
Group events are held on Saturdays, and sometimes private group events by request.
Work that needs to be accomplished can be anything from planting and harvesting to carpentry, or even just watering and weeding.
Charity Blooms is a 501C3 Charity and welcomes any donations, as well as volunteer work. Please contact them through their website to help out with a great community project!

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