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Letter to the Editor

News items last week revealed the Oswego Village Board passed a resolution urging the Chicago Metro Agency for Planning to give high priority to a Metra extension that would serve Oswego.  High growth in Kendall was cited as a reason for the need and included how Oswego had acquired 20 acres, North and South of the Burlington Santa Fe rail line, for a station where the use around it is for high density multi-family residential, commercial and mixed use. This means more people for Kendall County. Evidently, it is forgotten that the head of Metra a year ago said fares would only pay for 50% of the operating costs and the rest would have to come from taxes.

A second news item related the village was discussing the future of its’ water supply because the aquifer, that Oswego’s wells use, is predicted to run dry in less than 30 years.  Alternatives water sources considered were Lake Michigan or the Fox River.   Oswego, Montgomery, and Yorkville previously reached the conclusion that building a Fox River treatment plant was the best option. (Note: Aurora’s sewage treatment plant is up river.) Yesterday while sitting on our back porch, I witnessed several kayaks grounded while attempting to paddle down the Fox River.  In the summer, when the most water is needed, you can wade across the river. Elgin and Aurora are already taking water from the Fox, so how much will be left for Oswego?  Water is the utmost necessity for life! A Metra station will encourage growth and more people. “Why would anyone encourage growth when they know they are going to run out of water?”

A third news item related that School District 308 is considering a referendum to have a 1% sales tax in Kendall County to increase revenue, making local sales tax an average of 9.5%.  This tax could only be used for facility expenditures such as building additions, bonds, etc. and cannot be used for education costs such as teacher salaries, books etc. Why doesn’t SD 308 reduce expenditures by removing un-mandated programs?

All of these news items add taxes.   Last year 33,000 people left Illinois and probably because of the ever-increasing taxation. It is time to say NO to any tax increase by electing fiscally responsible persons!

Lee Hoffer, Oswego

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