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Local Music Highlight: Ahymnsa

by Candice Carson James Dobson

“Ahymnsa” is a one-man orchestrated project by Kevin Roy Kramer. The project, started as a three piece band, has been a solo thing, and a ten piece band, depending on where he’s at and what’s going on.

“Aquarian Awareness” was released in June 2017, and released online in August 2017.
It’s very high energy with the perfect fusion of reggae and sound. Kevin has said when he plays each song it takes him back to the moment he wrote it. The energy is palpable.

Each of Kramer’s songs are deeply personal, as he is a highly multi-faceted musician who uses his music as a way of expressing himself.  Kevin has developed his music much to his premise of
“moving into a new era of humanity.”

The center-point of his music is very clearly him, as he evolves as a musician, so too does his sound which makes his music rather unique. The band hails from north central Illinois, and is looking to expand regions and fan-base. You can check out his music online at the following locales.

Facebook    Band Camp   Sound Cloud   Twitter   Spotify

Kevin performs vocals and guitar but his album “Aquarian Awareness”  has a perfect mix of unique elements including percussion & synthesizer. Kramer would like the audience to know that it is “music for people to live their life to.” His personal message is “Ride the wave, life isn’t always happy.” Which is one of the reasons I feel his music has such a positive impact, it truly is something to live your life to.

Kevin is also working on a music video for the song “Keep It Simple”, track 9 of  “Aquarian Awareness.”. And likewise, is in the process of revamping the album, known as :Sound Waves” for a re-work to “FOR GIVING.” Which is truly a very clever play on words. We look to hear more from this up-and-coming artist, so give him a scope-out today!

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