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Local Attorney Promotes Divorce as Gift This Valentine’s Day

“This Valentine’s Day, get yourself what you really want.” his ad prominently states. Naperville attorney , David Schaffer, suggests divorce this holiday usually reserved for couples. In an interview he says “[Divorce} could be the best Valentine’s present.”

Although counter-intuitive to the holiday, Schaffer says that divorces reach their peak season just after Valentines day. “[many issues] come to the forefront.” Schaffer commented. “Amongst the family law community it is accepted that the divorce season will go into high gear after February 14,” says Schaffer. “Might as well do it right.”

When asked if he felt conflicted about profiting from a couple’s troubles, he stated “I profit by making them happier going forward.” Schaffer relates it to a doctor helping a sick patient. “If it’s not-how you want to spend the rest of your life, this is something you can do about it.”

Chicago-based Dr. Paul O. Otubusin, Attorney at Law says “Divorce is a reality of life. Definitively, one out of every two marriages will end up in divorce. About 40% to 50% of married couples in the United States divorce, according to the American Psychological Association.” In addition he adds that “The divorce rate among those who remarry is even higher. One might as well be happy in this life with a spouse one really wants to be with than with an incompatible roommate of a spouse.”
Dr. Paul O. Otubusin, JD, MBA, PhD, Attorney at Law

However some feel differently. “This ad seems in poor taste no matter the calendar date.”said Rev. Kellen Roggenbuck. Rev. Roggenbuck, who grew up in Oswego and graduated from OHS in 2002, now leads a Methodist Church in Wisconsin. “I understand this lawyer’s job is to mediate and litigate divorces, but the lax nature of the ad disrespects marriage as an institution. Marriage is the loving union of two people that can, of course, be trying, but should be fought to preserve.”
“Being divorced myself, I can appreciate that there are times that divorces are necessary, but ads and attitudes like these are helping to affirm the culture of disposable marriages and weak commitments.”

Aaron Kramer of Oswego says “The [advertisement] made me sad but unfortunately it speaks a lot of truth as well.”
“Marriage is hard work and unfortunately if it makes you that unhappy, you should look at alternatives that may be better suited for your particular situation.”

“Instead of responding right away, I took some time to think.” said James Bailey of Montgomery. “Divorce, whether amicable or contemptuous, can be done tactfully, and respectfully. Everyone deserves to be happy, but one does not need to choose a calendar date, such as a birthday, religious holiday, or even a Hallmark holiday, they may later regret.”

Very insight-fully, Mr. Bailey commented “We may be more self-aware of our unhappiness at this time of year, but you owe it to yourself, not-to potentially taint a day you may want to look favorably upon.”

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