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Local “Talent Agency” Scam

Nine9 Modeling and Acting Chicago, which appears to be a subsidiary of One Source Talent, despite claiming to be a “a commission free service” [Ref Link]  seems to be about as illegitimate as a business can be. first came on our radar when they began advertising locally for extras in the upcoming Reboot of “Jay and Silent Bob” . The need was immediate and pay would be discussed.

As it turns out, this fairly common scheme gets you in the door with promises of model and movie work, only to “bait and switch” you into paying for their very expensive services.

According to one review, “If you’re looking to pay 1000$ a year for them to send you casting calls which if you’re even slightly motivated you can find online yourself than this is your place. If you’re looking for them to bait and switch then this is your place. ” John Mar
and Elle Leggett “THIS PLACE A SCAM! They never mentioned to me that I had to pay!

Nine9 Chicago would only contact us through text message, and their phone number will not accept incoming calls. When asked for an interview there was no response. Oddly the phone number on their facebook page is NOT for their business, but a personal phone number to an unrelated party.

Nine9 is headquartered out of Bingham Famrs, MI, who I was able to contact, and confirm that there are many smaller Nine9 companies set up around the US. The receptionist transferred me to the head of HR, however she was unavailable according to her answering machine.

The Better Business Bureau currently has a total of 130 complaints against Nine9 over 3 years, and 46 just within the last year.

Nine9 Chicago has not, or not been willing to comment.

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